Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ruby Girl

Ruby & Stanley at the vet for a check up (Louis is there too... somewhere)

It's 11PM and I'm up past my bed time...  Once again, poor Ruby Girl as been stung or bitten by something.  This happened 2 years ago and her muzzle swelled up so much she looked like a toucan.  So, we took an unscheduled trip into the emergency vet (45 miles away).  I'm hoping to avoid that tonight.  It all started with a small bump on the side of her muzzle (about the size of a dime) and within 30 minutes the poor thing's whole muzzle was swollen.  With a call to the emergency vet to make sure she isn't allergic to Benedryl - I know that seems like an odd thing to check but we do have a pup (Louis) who is deathly allergic to it; enjoy the irony.  The woman on the phone said Benedryl was one of the drugs given at her last visit and there were no notes stating that she had an adverse reaction.  With an "ok" from the vet office I gave her 1/3 of a Benedryl in cheese and so far she's been sleeping soundly next to me as a type this.  Fingers crossed it helps, this little girl has had enough trips to the vet recently I'm sure she'd like to take a break.

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