Sunday, December 30, 2012


I've learned a lot in the last 9 months managing a flower shop.  Today as I went into the shop to work on flowers for a funeral, I had a thought, that I should share what I've learned and the importance of fresh flowers in daily life; so here it goes, the first of many "fleur" posts.  

We give flowers at big moments in life; birthdays, births, recitals, high school dances, anniversaries and weddings to name a few.  But we also give flowers for life's sad moments; hospital stays, cancer diagnosis, and loss.  While celebrating life's happy moments is always fun (and I'll blog more about that later) being part of some of the sad and intimate ones is an honor as a florist.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about funeral flowers when I started.  I knew it was part of the job and I was ok with that but how would I deal with it all was unknown.   I have to say that funeral work had become some of my favorite.  There is a special privilege that comes with creating the flowers that will be displayed at a funeral.  It may sound odd but I feel like flowers act as a visual hug for family and friends.  I hope that seeing a loved one surrounded by beauty brings a little comfort to those who are grieving during such difficult time.  Next time you're wondering what do give to a friend who's grieving I would suggest calling your local florist - our job is to convey your feelings in flowers.  And it is truly and honor to do so. 

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