Sunday, January 6, 2013

reclaiming my craft studio

You won't believe this, from the photos below, but my craft studio is a place I cherished.  But on occasion it becomes complete chaos - when a crafting/wrapping bomb explodes and there was no clean up crew called to take care of the mess.  I have lots of family which means multiple Christmas celebrations so I wrap and package gifts multiple times throughout the season (and after).

I started reading A Bowl Full of Lemons, after learning about it from my aunt Tara over at Tara Bee Ink,  I love her organizational planning.  I'm taking part in her 14 week home organization plan which technically started Friday but I thought I'd get a head start and clean you my studio.  Below are photos of everything thing in its (new) place.  

You may have notice that the room is very white - that's intentional - I wanted it to be a blank space where creativity could flow freely.  With that in mind I've filled the space with things I love and bring inspiration - the plates above the window are from my grandmothers, there is a dusty black mental lunch box on one of the shelves - it was my grandpa's, his coffee mug is also on the shelf.  Above the door (not pictured) is a sketch of the church where my maternal grandparents were married.  I continue to fill this space with meaningful things creating a space that is uniquely mine. 

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