Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 101

My friend Mary gave me this award on her blog - Hurricane Riley and His Big Brother Rex.  She is a fabulous woman and mom of two of the sweetest boys.  Mary's blog chronicles her journey as a mother of a little guy with down syndrome - if you have a moment click over and check out her journey.

This award comes with only three rules. Acknowledge the lovely blogger that passed it on - check. Tell ten things that make me happy - read below.  And share it with ten other happy bloggers - so I don't know 10 bloggers but I will share the ones I do know.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy:
1.  My funny & wonderful husband
2.  My pup-pups
3.  My Family
4.  Crafting & My Craftroom
5.  Good Hair Days
6.  Finding the perfect pair of shoes on Sale!
7.  All my favorite shows
8.  Coffee
9.  Clean sheets
10. Good food & great wine

Other Happy Bloggers:
1. Lindsey aka At Home with the Hammonds
2. Tara aka Tara Bee Stampin' Ink
(I would add Mary but that create's a vicious circle.)

One of the very first blogs I ever followed and makes me happy:
The Sartorialist

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