Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How did this happen?

For weeks now my craft room has been slowly becoming a pit. My life has been busy and I've barely had an enough time to make sure I have clean clothes let alone pay attention to clean this room. Everything has been thrown in here - mail to sort, bills to pay, craft supplies from last class and a 3 day crafting weekend. This is my weekend project - by Sunday I would like to be able sit down at my desk and participate in a couple challenges, make thank you cards, and start to prep for my next class - ok maybe at least be able to sit down at the desk and start a project. Stay tuned I'll post pics of the clean and organized room.

PS: This isn't the worst this room has looked just ask my loving husband.


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  2. These pictures just made me smile - I happen to have a room that looks pretty similar - things do get out of hand in a hurry! :)